Mistakes People Make with Fake Doctors Notes

In the process of using fake doctor’s notes a lot of people end up causing problems for themselves. Yes, many are dismissed from the work place or school because the employers or school authorities get to detect that the users have skipped work or study without permission and have submitted a forged note supposedly written or issued by a qualified doctor.

The reason why these people get into trouble is because the fake doctor’s notes they have submitted are filled with lots of mistakes. Some of these are highlighted in the post and you sure would want to avoid them.

  • Poor signature – Most people make the mistake of using fake notes with pre-applied signature. It should be noted by law a doctor’s note should be signed physically. If this is missing, then the note would be an attraction for suspicion. So, you should avoid using fake doctor’s note with photo shopped or printed signature.
  • Excuse that is irrelevant – Many people submitting fake doctor’s note make the mistake of using outlandish and ill-conceived excuse in the note. Creativity is required when meshing an excuse with an doctor’s note. You should not give excuse you cannot defend period.
  • Going for same note or excuse every time – If you have used an excuse note from the beginning it becomes necessary to know the details you have applied. It would be a mistake to same excuse too many times. This easily leads to redundancies and inconsistencies. You avoid this mistake.
  • Apart from the above mistakes, you should also stay away from using poor paper or poor quality with the fake doctor’s note you are submitting. The use of professional printers and quality paper will make the note look authentic.

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