Tips for Getting a Fake Doctors Note

The various excuses commonly used to access free fake doctor’s notes on the Internet inuclude:

  • To get excused from work if one is truly sick and cannot work during the period.
  • To get excused from work if one is going for a surgery.
  • To inform the authority that you are now fit to return to work after some days off due to sickness
  • To inform the employer you are free from drugs.
  • To inform the employer you are pregnant and should be allowed some days off to deal with certain complications. Or, the employer can be informed the patient’s maternity leave should start sooner than expected.
  • To inform the employer that a patient is fit to continue in a particular department due to certain health issues or allergies that would affect his work.
  • To inform the employer that the patient is not pregnant and therefore should be allowed to continue working, etc.

These are some excuses for the use of a fake doctors note in the work place. It is different strokes for different folks.

Why The Use Of Fake Doctors Note?

This is a question many would an answer because the business of fake doctors notes is a thriving one on the Internet. The pitch is high and there are good justifications for the use of fake doctor’s note today. Why use this note? Or, what are the uses of a fake doctor’s note? The following paragraphs explain the use of these notes today. Use a fake doctor’s note to help you go home early.

First off, it is important to understand why many people are not willing to go real doctors to get authentic notes. Common reasons include the cost and time it would take to gets a doctor’s appointment. For some, they may not have the money to spend in getting a note that will simply explain their absence from work, while for others; it would almost become impossible to get a quick doctor’s note. In some places, getting such notes would take up to week. So, what’s the point of waiting for a week when you need break away from work today?

Alternatively, fake doctor’s notes from the Internet are often resorted to. These notes have same quality and elements of real doctor’s advices. What’s more, they are cheap or free to get!

Having said that, the following the common uses when you want to print a doctors excuse:

  • Day off from academic activities – There could be a time when a student needs a day offer from school but cannot ask the teacher or lecturer without getting into trouble. If the reason for being off is to attend a friend’s birthday or other personal indulgence, then the approval is not likely to be given.

However, a student can be excused from study on medical grounds as long as there is note from the doctor. Going for fake doctor’s note is likely to be a solution for most students.


  • Break from Work – Some people are overworked after a few weeks of hard work. They usually may need to rest for a day or two to rejuvenate. Without wanting to raise suspicion they would want to use a fake doctor’s note as an excuse. This is often resorted to by people who want a paid sick leave or who don’t want to be fired.

There are other reasons for the use of fake doctor’s notes. However, the reasons given above are common.

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