Use of Fake Doctor’s Notes – 2 Easy Medical Conditions You Can Fake

You probably have an important personal issue to take care of but cannot be excused from work because it is personal. Or, you might have exhausted your right to take a day or two off work. The use of a fake doctor’s note should be considered if you are sure that asking your employer to grant you leave would be met with “NO”.

A fake doctor’s note will state you have an illness and cannot work for some days. Employers are bound to respect labor laws especially those that deal with the health of the employees. However, employers will only accept medical excuse that is genuine, and in most cases, a medical note or excuse from a doctor will just be fine to grant the employer sick leave.

If you are not genuinely sick but want a sick leave from the employer you can utilize a fake doctor’s excuse note. This type of note is sold by some companies or websites. However, one issue you may have to prove real is the sickness that is used in the note as alibi. There are two common sicknesses you may want to use when it comes to submitting fake doctor’s notes for sick leave. These are:

  1.  Headache – You can use headache as a medical excuse in a fake doctor’s note without fear of being detected because it is a condition that can suddenly crop up and affect ones performance ability. Headache could be caused by Stress, tension, migraine, sinus and allergy, as well as eyestrain.


  1. Stomach ache – Another medical excuse you can easily employ in a fake doctor’s note is stomach ache. A lot of factors may lead to stomach ache and you can describe any in the note. Common factors include food poisoning and stress.

So, you should consider using headache or stomach ache as alibi with your fake doctor’s note. These can help make your fake medical excuse believable by an employer, teacher or To Whom It May Concern. When using these conditions, your disposition at the work place or at school could still be vital in lending credence to your claim.